Monday, September 19, 2016

One way to fight depression

A great numer of movie stars or singers choose to end their lives by committing suicide.

We see them as shinning stars, all these adorable looks, sweet smiles,  and charming characteristics, everything of the best.  and we are really at shock when the news came that they suicided themselves. 

Stars are all same human, and humans are weak for most of the time, and the stars are taking on a lot of pressures which we can possibly imagine, and depression is probably the major cause they ending their lives like this.

One way to fight depression which I experienced it myself is to develop one thing or two which becomes what you are really fond of, and in my case, it was activities, indoor or outdoor, it could be learning Kungfu, practising Yoga, or playing football , basketball..or swimming a little bit.and it has to be something physical related, something intense.  I do not recommed reading or meditating, cos your brain is already messd with up with something when you're on depression, and now you will need to distract the brain from the these bad things that it's going through. 

Get to the playground, when someone pass you a basketball, you will need to catch it before it's coming to your face. 
Now the brain is probably busy instructing all your muscles and cells to get ready for the pickup and not to let the ball hit your nose.

There is a moment, I believe, the brain is released from these depressions.  A distraction, that's what it is.  Keep your brain occupied with one thing and then forget everything else. 

One you build or rebuild the confidence in the yourself and in this life, you're good to go now. 

I suffered from great depression in high school and years after that, and yet I survied and luckily, I survived.

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